Process Automation

We automate repetitive tasks that drain your team's energy and optimize their time so they can focus on value creation. We work with modern and fast development tools to achieve results in record time.

Faster Processes

Better productivity

Reduce Errors

Process Standardization

Consistent Results

Auditable Results


Improve customer experience

Use Cases

Sales Process Automation

  • Information validation
  • Reduction in response time to clients
  • Analytics and metrics
  • Dashboards
  • Better transparency
  • Better productivity

Appointment automation

  • Appointment portal
  • Resource management and availability
  • Notifications to clients
  • Next appointment reminders
  • Sending of confirmations and reminders

Invoice and Payment Automation

  • Automatic invoice sending
  • Automatic bills to clients
  • Reduce accounts receivable
  • Better information use
  • Improve customer experience

Recruitment Automations

  • Automated process
  • Reduced recruitment times
  • Better and transparent process
  • Candidate database management
  • Accelerated induction process

Work Order Automations

  • Work order control
  • Time management and invoice authorization
  • Resource assignment
  • Results calculation
  • Automatic billing

Picture classification through AI

  • AI model training
  • Use of historic information
  • Optimized ML methods 
  • Statistics and model improvements

Quote automations

Client Survey Automations

Lead Classification and Filter

Automatic Document Generation

Invoice and Payment Processing

Approvals and feedback automation

or whatever you need...


We create integrations for new and existing tools with different services to reduce human intervention, reduce errors and reduce process time.

Invoice Generation

Credit Cards

SMS & Voice



Digital Signatures



Flight Information

Google Cloud

Microsoft Azure

Amazon AWS

and other... we make custom integrations.

Our Process

We use a transparent process that generates value in every step. We establish and achieve goals based on our client's objectives and needs.

RedFox is a tech company that offers our clients custom tech solutions through value creation and resource optimization. We work with clients from around the globe. Contact us and let's put your company objectives on the move. We offer 60 minute free consultations.

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